Wednesday, March 11, 2009

dinner and drink

aunt louise arrives right on time

mom & dad

aunt char

aunt jean (she and her husband, rob, came all the way from iowa!)

my dad, with dan in the background

uncle paul and aunt polly

rose & tony

johns sibs

john's aunts beth & jean

uncle vince & aunt janet

ryan & lizzie

lizzie had a cluster of bells that she enjoyed during dinner

me with my sisters in law, veronica & char

shawn, v & me

aunt celeste (i absolutely love this photo)

aunt barbara & aunt polly

tony (john's dad)

john and i decided to do a 'small' wedding and dinner celebration, but as you can see, our families are large! the wedding guests consisted of immediate family and aunts and uncles - quite a group!!! we are planning a larger, more casual celebration, this summer with friends and extended family

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