Tuesday, March 24, 2009

no pics post

it seems that for at least the last week I have been with out my camera. this is unfortunate because there have been many photo taking opportunities related to sap gathering and boiling as well as doggie cuteness and general goofiness around the rush household.

it is a big day tomorrow though as john and i are closing on a 'new' house and john is going to pick up his 'new' dump truck! yes, we bought a foreclosure fixer upper at auction - not sure if we are going to live there or fix it to sell it but it will be a fun project. and, yes, johns dump truck dreams have come true, next i expect his dreams to turn to a trailer so that he can haul his excavator with the dump truck. then i expect his dreams to return to a garage - oh how he dreams about that!

1 comment:

Marcy B. said...

all the best on the closing and congrats!

tell john "dump, dump, dump, de, dump!" that's congrats in construction language!