Thursday, May 20, 2010

animal shenanigans

It all started with an innocent birthday gift to John, a new grill.  He decided to BBQ for our crew who has worked so hard and done a great job on our new dwelling.  Anyway, as is typical in a Burgess/Rush meal, there were left overs (why do we always cook too much?).  John decided the left over burgers would be a good treat for Griffin, so he left them on the grill for the next day when the dog would be around.  Fast forward to the next morning, I am going about my business at the new house (ie cleaning and painting) and remember that John left burgers for Grif on the grill.   Griffin and I mosey on out to the grill and I innocently and unsuspectingly throw the grill cover open only to discover a CAT in the GRILL!!! Honestly, if I hadn't just had my hair colored, I think it would be all white.  It scared me, and it scared Grif.  The cat took off immediately.  Unfortunately for Grif, the cat got all the good stuff.  Griffin is still barking at the grill when he sees it and I will never open a grill the same way again. 

Later that evening we are at camp and I am holding the door open for John and my brother in law Mike when a bird dive bombs me and goes right into the house.  Turns out a finch (we think?) had built a nest in our porch roof.  Eventually (though only after the terrified bird emptied his digestive track on the wall in my kitchen) we got the bird to fly out. 

And then....  the next morning I went to go check out our brand new pigs!  They are 9 weeks old and are named wiggly and squiggly, you will see why in a moment.  Anyway, the pigs had only been at the farm a day, so very new to the place.  They saw me and went crazy, running around the pen and eventually finding their way out!  It turns out they are a bit smaller than pigs we have had in the past and had no trouble making their way through the slats in our pig pen.  So, 2 pigs on the loose.  Again John and Mike to the rescue.  Mike actually caught one as it was headed north on the far side of the farm in the tree field.  These suckers are fast and I am amazed that he caught it!  The other little guy (actually girl) went across the street and down to the deer farm.  Eventually she worked her way back to our side of the road and into the barn where we were able to rescue her.  It was quite an ordeal for all involved. 

That was enough for one weekend.

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