Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a little of this and a little of that

A hodgepodge of activities have been taking place around here.  Some time at the play ground, John's birthday and of course, progress at the new house!

Em & Liz on the teeter-totter

Liz loves the slide


The house is really looking good!  Lots of changes to the outside as John works on the grading and the crew builds the decks...

We hosted John's birthday party with his family at our new house this weekend!  It is still very much a construction zone but we have power, camping chairs and good sports to make it fun:)

And even a little baseball in the mix!  This was my first high school baseball game in years!  so fun!  my cousins son, Isaac's team played our local high school and won!    This Liz, my mom, dad, Aunt Barbara (dad's sister) and my cousin Wendy.

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