Sunday, June 19, 2011

summer solstice bonfire

we throw a solstice party (2x per year, one at each solstice) at the farm.  This usually consists of a large bon-fire, lots of friends, and plenty to eat and drink. 

Sister Emily
 Ryan and hungry and growing baby boy M

I put Maeve in the Boba carrier for the evening.  she eventually feel asleep in the carrier, but before that she we did some swinging and visited with lots of friends at the party.  M is all smiles.

Dad, who needs a new pic for his facebook page - maybe this is a possibility? 
 My niece and her uncle (my brother) Dan.
 At long last, the bonfire!!  This bon fire included a chair and couch from Tom & Alice; last Christmas's trees from my house, my folks and my sister; lots of construction scraps mostly from renno jobs on our apartment houses.  If you look closely, you might actually see a dried up,old xmas wreath!

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