Friday, August 26, 2011

around the house

A project I have been wanting to do for awhile - succulents (my fav) in an old pie plate with a candle in the middle.  I am hoping the succulents fill in and that it will be a pretty centerpiece.

A type of honeysuckle on a trellis off our back deck.

Affectionately called the 'stump garden' because it was a hole with stumps in it in our front yard.  Over the last few weeks, John has filled it in, seeded and watered it and brought me some large rocks for landscaping.  We had saved a tree in the upper right, which came down earlier this week (randomly) so now we have a festivius pole of sorts:).  Looking forward to placing the rocks about and putting in some flowers!

 This plant lived the winter in our basement and is blooming for the second time this summer.

Maeve sleeps.....

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