Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Changes

The last couple weeks have meant big changes for M (& the rest of us as a result).  Maeve is now crawling, she has 2 teeth, had her 6 month appointment, and has mastered the 'walker'.  Griffy also got a drastic haircut.  John and I have just been trying to keep up! :)

Hanging out with Dad as he works on the computer.

 I had to post this one because Griffy is between M and I and she looks over him to see what is going on.  He wants to be right in the center of everything, just like my childhood dog polkie.

Hanging out with Mum.

 Relaxing at bath time in the kitchen sink

The walker has given her a whole new freedom.  She loves the dishwasher, checking out her reflection in the stove and the washing machine.  She can easily go from the living room all the way down the hall to the bathroom (she visits me there while I get ready in the morning).

In our chair

With Grampie Rush on his brithday.  So stinkin cute.

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