Monday, December 22, 2008

party day

Well, my posts today are not in the right order, but it will have to do. On Saturday Dad, Em, Lizzie and I ventured to Union for the Burgess Family 'souper' Christmas Party. The food was soup, in case you missed that. I highly recommend this party food idea. There were 6-7 soups, all brought by party goers and none of them were remotely similar! Among the soups there was pea soup, fish chowder, squash soup, chicken soup and a very different and delicious pistachio soup! Lizzie had a great time with her cousins 1 removed??? or is it second cousins??? Anyone know the proper term for how Lizzie is related to her mothers first cousins children???

Then it was onto a winter solstice celebration and bonfire! It was frigid outside but really pretty nice by the bon fire. There was much food and drink and wonderful company to join us in welcoming longer days!!!!

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