Wednesday, December 17, 2008

things I am happy about

1. Going to the mail box and finding holiday cards instead of bills. I love snail mail and having window sill full of cards.

2. Being nice and toasty at my office, I sit right next to the heater so I am very cosy

3. A new blanket of snow. It really makes things so beautiful. I don't love shoveling however I am trying to have a better attitude about it because it gets me outside and the snow is pretty.

4. The woodstove. enough said

5. My 2009 planner. I have a planner problem, I love to plan and I love planners. Since we started our own business I have struggled with how best to organize my stuff. In my previous life I lived by my planner but somehow those habits did not fit well with our new life. Anyway, I have yet another new planner to try for 2009 and I have just started filling it in - loving it!

6. Having a camera again!

7. Being done with xmas shopping (assuming my Internet orders arrive on time)

8. Hosting a holiday party tonight with my book club buddies. Can't wait!

9. Finally getting our tree up, pretty pathetic for the daughter of a christmas tree farmer not to have a christmas tree, so John and I finally managed to put ours up last night. We usually try pick tree that is not exactly perfect, perhaps a 'holiday' on one side that will prevent it from being bought by someone but will be just right in the corner of our home. So, this year we got a reject from the 'rack' (ie a tree we precut but was not selling). Can you believe this is a 'reject'!?!? It will look even more perfect once we get it decorated.

10. I feel like I should come up with a tenth thing to round out the list but I really got all my happiness in 1-9, so #10 is having 9 things to be happy about.

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