Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4th of July Festivities

Ahhhhhh......  It was a long weekend we SO needed.  The weather was perfect, we had family around and a camp to cool off at - what could be better than that!?!?!?

John ad Maeve chilling on the hammock

Griffin guards the end of the dock - Mark watching kids in the water

Sammy - what a good doggie 

Sparkerles in watermelon!  


 This is a newish garden at camp along the path to the lake.  Ryan made beer bottle candles to light the way.  The hydrangea in the back ground is full of blossoms - should be really beautiful this year! 

Dan diving in

Ryan and lizzie watching the boat/tubing/skiing.  Lizzie is looking quite serious don't you think?
A quick but pretty intense storm passed through, so we moved inside for a bit.  The girls played dress up.
Lizzie and Aunt Char talking things over

Grif guards the dock some more......

Dan comes in from skiing (one ski - go dan!)

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