Thursday, July 21, 2011

the spaulding house

John calls it the yellow house or 'OBR', which are the initials for the road it is located on (but to me it sounds like a name for a beer); but this is known as the Spaulding House.  Built in 1845 as a stage coach stop, it's walls have seen a tavern, boarding hall, dance hall and single family home.  Now it has made is way to us. 

My love affair with front doors continues...

Great climbing tree in the front yard
 Now this is what I call a pantry!

Upstairs hall way.  So many doors, thats part of the boarding house feel that still remains.  I love lizzie in her pigtails at the bottom of the stairs:)

3rd floor stairwell

This home has spring board floors on the third floor - built for dancing!  Neat ceiling too.

I have driven by this house gazillions of time and have always loved it, but right now it is too overwhelming to consider it for our own home.  So, until we let the dust settle and decide whether it will ever be our home, it is in the hands of good tenants who will live in and look out for the old girl. 

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Julie said...

So glad the house is in good hands. That place is a piece of my childhood, and it's good to see it's going to be around for many more generations. Would love to see the inside sometime. A dance floor on the third floor- how much healthier people were years ago.