Thursday, July 14, 2011

Burgess Family Reunion #25!

Hosting the Burgess Family Reunion rotates amongst the 7 Burgess children (my dad is the middle one).  This year Maeve and I went to Sudbury MA (with my Mom & Dad) to Aunt Mary and Uncle Yusef's house.  This years theme (past themes have included funky short competitions and burgess family olympics) was all about photos and bubble captions.  Each family member brought a photo and a witty caption to post with it.  We all voted on the submissions with a variety of categories from funniest to 'I don't get it'.  In the end, everyone was a winner and it was a great way to share photos.  Anyway, here are some out-takes from the day:

 Maeve and cousin (second cousin? - I get that confused) Sam

 Maeve and Cousin (same dilemma as above) Bekah - both such beautiful girls!

 My Dad, John, the middle child.

Uncle George, younger than my dad 

 Uncle Sherwood and Maeve

Aunt Irene, the baby sibling in my dad's family holds Baby M.  So sweet.

My cousin Allison

 uncle Paul, another sibling younger than my dad.  Maybe I should have titled this post 'people younger than my dad'.
 Aunt Barbara & Sam

 Dan and Dad look over one of the family scrap books from my dad's high school days.  Pretty interesting!
 These is the scene of the photo and caption competition.  Also pictured are my Uncle Arthur, Uncle Yusef, Aunt Gail, Cousin Chris, and Uncle Mark.
Aunt Mary is a mean host (meaning a fabulous host, not a unwelcoming one).  Make your own shortcakes for dessert!  Strawberries, peaches, blueberries and blackberries - yum!
My cousin Amanda and Aunt Irene (all the way from Kentucky) were the judges of the photo and caption competition.

 Uncle Yusef was behind one of the best tricks of the day (see below).  He crafted these ketchup and mustrard bottles, that when squeezed an appropriate color string flies out!  He got me good.

Maeve reaches for cousin (second cousin?) Avery

And finally, she gets a rest.....

phew - another great reunion!  Some other time, remind me to tell you about the family chalice and nightlight.  It is a long, but entertaining saga.

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