Friday, December 30, 2011

11 months!

Maeve was 11 months on December 17th.  These days it is harder and harder to get her to sit with Grif for a photo.  For one, Grif really doesn't want to be there.  Grifs typical reaction to Maeve being in his space is to get up and leave. Lately she has been following him around the house, a favorite pass time is to chase him around the island.  So, Grif has been asking to spend more time in the basement where he can get a little peace and quiet. 

At 11 months, Maeve has 6 teeth. She is sleeping better, usually up once a night.  She is eating
better and more all the time.  She signs for milk, more, drink, light, book....  My mother says that my Grammy Dickens would say 'no moss grows on her'.  Maeve does not stop, she loves to climb on anything.  If I am doing dishes, she climbs in.  She systematically destroys any sense of order we have in our house in about 5 seconds.  She takes the pantry apart one potato at a time.  Maeve LOVES the beamers at the farm  - grampy carries her around so she can touch them all.  She can moo like a cow, and ba-ba like a sheep.  She loves her kitty kitty and her dolls.  I love her.

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