Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Preparation

A peak at some of the holiday touches around our home this year. 


This pitcher was a wedding gift from my Aunt Laurie, the silver pine cones were ornaments I bought for decorating at our wedding (but never used) and the drift wood was a find during our fall vacation on the ocean in Northport this year.

The tree is up! (better late than never!).  I kept it very simple this year, lights, white bows and silver ornaments.  Nellie's dog collar is at the top and our little 'pickle' ornament is tucked in there too.  We got the pickle ornament last year in anticipation having Maeve, who we called 'Pickle' in-utero. 

Amaryllis in full bloom,  I staggered the potting this year so I have another one that will bloom just in time for christmas.

Last year I tied ribbons on the chandelier, this year I hung a wreath under it and hung ornaments from that....

Oh and there are gifts too....  Here Maeve is checking out a recently wrapped gift.  So far she has been relatively uninterested in the tree and presents (at least at our house).

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