Friday, December 30, 2011

christmas up north

Santa comes a day late because John's family is so far north:)  The Rush family had a great boxing day gathering.  Here is Maeve in her party dress.  She loves these red shoes but this is her first foray in hard soles, so though she loves the look of them, I would say she is less than sure about walking in them.  She lifts her legs up high as though something is stuck to her feet.  Very cute.  She wore them long enough for me to get a photo at least.

Veronica and Allison cooking brunch
 Rose and Char cooking brunch too.  We always have more then enough food.  This year we had quiche, ham, french toast with homemade bread, donuts, egg burritos, baked beans, cinnamon rolls and more.

Maeve and Uncle buster playing

Uncle Mike helps Maeve unpack her stocking
 Grammy R and Maeve, she loves Grammys necklace!

John sporting a reflective hat (was sent along in a package as an unexpected bonus from the shipper/seller - but proved quite funny:)).

It was a cold day but we bundled Maeve up and uncle buster took her for a quick spin in her new snow sled.  She loved it!  Will be fun to take her out again when we have more snow.

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