Friday, December 30, 2011

christmas day

I did not keep my camera as handy on christmas day as I would have like (in retrospect)but we had a great day and I enjoyed watching everything away from the lens. 

The snowman at the farm on christmas morning...

Santa leaves presents on the roof.  This tradition came from my grammy and grampy dickens who used to tell us that santa dropped presents on the roof via a helicopter.  It left quite an impression on us as kids.

Lizzie spots the presents

Ryan gets them down

Martin snuggles with Dan

Martin and John

The only photo I took of christmas morning at our house, caught it just after santa came.  Maeve got books and toys.  An outfit from Mom & a race car toy from Dad.  Santa brought John is PE and NACEP certs professionally framed and santa brought me new boots and garnet earrings and necklace (Maeves birthstone).

The things that stand out for me this christmas include; getting thrown up on christmas day (thanks Maeve:)); John having truck and car troubles on christmas eve (hauling the excavator home with the dump truck from Belfast, some hoses froze and he lost his brakes.  Dan and Dad went to his rescue and he got home with out incident) and then again on christmas day (dead battery in the van); Maeve liking opening presents more than I expected (Nana Judy bought her a doll which she was BEYOND excited about); and my folks totally surprising us by getting us IPAD2s!!! Mom has had one for work and saw how much we all, including the kids, really enjoyed using it.  It was a complete surprise that was given out after all the presents were opened - we opened a clue, written as a diddy, that lead to where they were hidden.  A wonderful christmas day, all around.  lucky & happy. 

Oh, one last memory - cinnamon rolls!  I made a double batch that did not rise, so christmas eve day put together another batch which did take.  Lizzie and Emily helped put them together.  John and Ryan were particularly helpful in the eating cinnamon roll department.  Also made cakeballs for Mike on christmas day - per his special request.

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