Thursday, December 29, 2011

christmas eve

Grif is SO happy to see Dan.  Love the beamers in the background

Tree at the farm, filled with moms bird ornaments and other things.

John and Maeve talking something over.

Maeve in her party dress. 

Emily opens her made gift from me, mom also got a birdie sling bag. 

Daddy's girl
 Mom & Dad
 Maeve is a big fan of climbing on things and presents are no exception.
 Lizzie loving the train her father made her.

Martin trying to get to those presents.

Maeve loving christmas!
 Martin loving christmas!
 Maeve and Martin got their stockings christmas eve, added to the pile of them here that I have knit over the years.

Lizzie trying on the socks grammy made her

This years made gifts included sweaters for lizzie and martin, socks for dad and John, modified baby food jars for seed storing for Ryan, a bag for em and mom, and throw pillows for Dan.  John gave out very popular coupons for oil changes and trips to the ice cream shop for the kids.  We also received some lovely handmade gifts which included our annual calendar from dan, a coat rack from dad, mom finished a quilt for me by making and sewing on the binding, coffee and jam from emily, wooden cooking utensils from Ryan, lizzie painted a rock for us, Ryan made Maeve a beautiful stool with her initials on it and emily gave her a jewelry box filled with my old costume jewelry - such fabulous gifts!!!!

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